About Me - Lili Rahmati

I was born in Iran: the land of Hafiz and Khayyam; rosewater and cardamom; hand-painted geometric tiles and finely woven carpets; dombak and santoor; backgammon and chess....these cultural elements of my rich Persian heritage are deeply engrained in my heart and soul - they inspire me to appreciate the beauty in everyday life, whether it's a place, a pattern, or a thing.

A world traveler from an early age, I never bought into the notion of being considered "foreign" when I went to a new place. My childhood experiences taught me how to go with the flow, to adapt, and to observe and to connect with my surroundings.

As an adult, I take this same sensibility with me when I travel and thus, the act of traveling is always a transformative experience.

About ten years ago, I stumbled upon the art of photography and it has been a part of my life ever since - it is my true creative passion.

When I travel with my camera, I'm always in the moment, allowing the composition to come to me.  Sometimes I am inspired by the big picture, sometimes it's just a detail which draws my attention. Nevertheless, I capture that which pleases my eyes and that which speaks to my soul.

I hope you find my images to be equally pleasing to your eyes as well as to your soul.



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